Sun & Moon

‘Everything suits her,’ many people would say, looking at her. The twenty-first century woman is perfectly suited to the urban technological landscape, where stress and competition go hand in hand; but, somewhat paradoxically, with elegance and womanliness, beauty and aesthetics, too. These are values that were no less universal three thousand years ago.

This is a collection for a woman whose day does not end at five o’clock in the evening. Dynamic luxury suits her. She, too, feels absolutely that it is part of her entire self; when, for instance, late at night, the fingertips come into contact with gold and a pearl, in an ear that is tired of the day’s noise. She smiles candidly. There is not much left of the night.

Earrings, rings, armlets and pendants made with natural and rhodium-plated eighteen-carat gold, brilliant-cut diamonds, and Akoya pearls.